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Ieisha Fuller, Principlal Consultant
Principal Consultant

Ieisha Fuller, Principal Consultant known for her resourceful resilience and inquisitive nature, Ieisha welcomes opportunities to strategically navigate a path towards success. 


Ieisha enjoys sharing resources pertinent to the success of single parent families.  As income is often difficult to navigate for a single parent household, Ieisha shares insight on the strategy she used to acquire a 4 bedroom 2 bath home that was move in ready for under 40K.  


Her daily desire is to help others live, learn, and apply their gifts in a way that not only serves others, but honors who they are and what they value.

SPOTM - Single Parents On The Move, Blog Founder


Area of Expertise

Worklife Educator
Online Business Strategist 
Business and Career Coach
Business People Talking

Let's Connect!

Reach out to me for a free a 30 minute consult to discover your desired outcome and create a strategy you're willing to implement to get there.

Ieisha Fuller

Principal Consultant

PO Box 361743

2724 Wesley Chapel Rd
Decatur, GA 30036

"Working toward a Fuller Faith, Family & Financial journey!"
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